Friday, March 8, 2013

Mango Anything Book

Like the fruit, the Mango Anything book is sweet and just a little exotic. (See in my Esty shop.)

The Mango Anything Book features a book charm with a mermaid.
Mango comes from a recycled box of Green Mountain Coffee K-CUPs. In keeping with the seaside theme, Mango has a book charm featuring a mermaid. This wonderful journal is the perfect size to tuck away in your purse or bookbag to carry with you throughout the day. It will even fit in the glovebox!

The variety of patterns provides visual inspiration for your treasured memories and thoughts.
Mango is designed to hold your written treasurers throughout, with 4 special journaling sections. You can also attach the bits and bops of daily living, things like movie ticket stubs, shopping lists, and photographs. Mango has 50 items inside which means that you have 100 pages (or sides) to hold whatever you want to add.

Tabs along the outside edge can be labelled to help you find pages of special memories.
As you flip through Mango, you find a different look on each page. Many pages have smaller items that overlay the full-size pages, things like flash cards, product tags, luggage tags and playing cards. You can insert your own items, things that you encounter in your own life. In fact, you can insert whole items by using a standard hole punch and an existing page as a template.

Each two-page spread is color coordinated and designed to inspire your creativity.
The main pages are mostly recycled and upcycled materials including patterned papers, art paper, card stock and book pages. You will also find marketing materials, product packaging, envelopes and even paint chips inserted for splashes of color.

You can write on any page using the ultra-fine tip permanent marker that comes with Mango.
Are you a doodler? Are you just dipping your toe into the world of art journals? An Anything Book is a perfect launching pad for your efforts. The items that come with Mango provide a backdrop to inspire you to add your own touches to your journal.

One of my favorite pages, this metallic textured paper adds a touch of elegance and the unexpected to Mango.
Today's art journals can be filled with words or you can add items more like a scrapbook. Mango comes with an archival quality glue stick so you can begin adding your own items right out of the package. If Mango starts to get bulky, you can upgrade the book rings to a larger size book rings (either 1 1/4 or 1 1/2 inches) available at most office supply stores. Mango can grow with you!

Many of Mango's page include embellishments like postage stamps, washi tape, and labels.
Mango is the perfect canvas for you to capture your life dreams. It's also a great place to record the things that make you feel grateful for your life as it is today. You can use Mango as a daily or weekly journal, or you can dedicate it to a special project in your life, like a diet or workout journal, a travel journal, or a record of your new job or relationship. Your imagination is the only limit!

Like all Anything Books, I've signed Mango and added a unique identifier from my studio.
Mango is a unique journal and you have the only copy! It's truly a work of art waiting for your life to tumble into it. Won't you adopt Mango (or one of my other Anything Books) and start recording your life in a new, artful way?

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