Sunday, March 3, 2013

Rejoice Anything Book

Rejoice is an inspiring art-style journal just waiting for your memories and treasures (my Etsy shop).

Rejoice is made from a recycled Nestle Mini Marshmallows box.
Rejoice measures 7 1/4 inches wide by 4 1/4 inchdes tall and contains 50 items. That gives you 100 pages (sides) to hold your words, memories, and daily treasures. The ring binding allows you to add in items because the binding is flexible. If your Anything Book gets too bulky, you can upsize the rings to 1 1/4 or 1 1/2 rings available in most office supply stores or the office supply section of your favorite discount store.

Rejoice comes with colorful ring fringe which includes ribbon and recycled silk yarn from Nepal.
Rejoice comes with ring fringe that invites you to pick up the journal. It consists of various ribbons and recycled silk yarn from Nepal.

A Russian postage stamp decorates one of the pages.
The decorated Rejoice pages act as a canvas for you to record your thoughts, stories and events from your life. There's room to attach photographs, ticket stubs, tags from new items you purchase, and even your shopping list. You can record the precious and the mundane inside the pages of Rejoice.

Rejoice contains upcycled and recycled materials that add personality.
Inside Rejoice, you will find a wide variety of upcycled and recycled materials along with scraps from my mixed-media art studio. In addition to patterned paper, you will find greeting cards, marketing materials, product packaging, paint chips, envelopes, photographs, file folders, calendar pages and luggage tags.

Many of the items create layers so you can see more than one page or color at a time.
You can actually add in your own pages to Rejoice. Simply remove a page to use as a template, use a standard hole punch, and your materials are ready to insert. You can truly customize Rejoice to be anything you want to record your life in your own way.

Inspired by the holiday season, Rejoice includes two pages made from holiday sheet music.
While Rejoice's pages are designed to inspire you, you can cover them up with items you glue into its pages. Start noticing the small items of your life, the things that you normally throw away. Many of these items, like the tag on tea bags or fruit labels, are beautiful on their own. By adding them to your Anything Book, you record the small details that truly make up your life.

The mix of materials makes Rejoice a visually stimulating journal for your life.
Did you receive something special in the mail? What about tickets to a special event? Or a menu from your favorite restaurant? All of these things can become part of your Anything Book. Let Rejoice inspire you to start recording your life in one special place.

The back cover of Rejoice holds its unique bar code identifier and my signature.
On the back, you can see Rejoice's name and unique bar code identifier. It's signed by me. And you have my guarantee that Rejoice is truly a one-of-a-kind journal made just for you.

Stop by my Etsy shop to purchase Rejoice or one of my other Anything Books.

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