Thursday, March 14, 2013

Newman's Own Organics Persica Anything Book

If you care about the planet, you will really love Persica. Not only is the lovely Anything Book (art journal) made from upcycled and recycled materials, but the cover comes from an organic product!

Persica is an Anything Book made from a Newman's Own Organics K-CUPs box.
Persica comes with ring binding and a ring charm with a real gemstone. The centerpiece of the charm is a tiger eye carved heart, along with turtle (mother Earth) and starfish charms. The charms dangle from a Chinese coin for extra good luck.

Persica includes a shipping tag painted and collaged from my studio.
The Persica Anything book provides a wonderful backdrop to inspire your writing, even on the days with where your muse is nowhere to be found. The wide mixture of materials, patterns, and colors will make you smile even before you add your own insights, bits of wisdom, and precious memories.

A vintate matchbox cover embellishes an overlay of patterned paper.
Persica is the pefect size for a journal you carry with you throughout the day. At approximately 5 1/2 inches wide and 5 1/2 inches tall, you can slip it into your purse, your bookbag, or even your glove box. That way, Persica is always handy for jotting down your inspiration, daily events, and adding bits of your life experience.

Inside Persica are photographs, paint chips, and file folders just waiting to capture your treasured memories.
The beauty of Persica's ring binding is that it adjusts as you glue items to the pages and insert pages of your own. All you need is a standard hole punch to add your own bits, using an existing page as a template. Persica comes with 50 items inside, giving you 100 pages (or sides) to fill up.

Every page is a canvas designed to inspire you and hold your thoughts and memories.
Persica contains full size pages made from upcycled and recycled materials like patterned paper, cardstock, book pages, greeting cards, marketing materials, and vellum. Many of these pages have overlays made from product packaging, business reply cards, file folders, luggage tags, and shipping tags.

The combination of patterns and colors in each two-page spread will make you smile.
Persica's pages include 4 special journaling sections with plain paper where you can write your longer thoughts. Persica comes with an ultra-fine point permanent marker so you can write on any of the found materials inside. Add your thoughts, bits of wisdom, quotes, or just doodle. Persica is yours to record your daily living any way you want.

Tabs make it easy to locate specific sections and label pages of special content.
 In addition to the found items, Persica's pages are also embellished with items like washi tape, tabs, postage stamps, baker's twine, business cards, and a vintage matchbox label. Let these items inspire you to add your own items. What about the tag from that cuppa tea? Or the wrapper from your favorite candy? The small details of life matter!
Each two-page spread is designed to flow together to give you a perfect canvas for your life experience.
The edges of Persica are messy with things poking out. But life is messy. Don't be afraid to add oversized items. You life doesn't fit nicely into a box, and so it doesn't need to fit nicely into Persica. Persica can adapt and adjust to whatever life throws at you.

Persica is a one-of-a-kind creation signed by me with a unique identifier bar code label.
You can be sure that no one else will ever have the same journal as Persica. I make each journal by hand by pulling together items I've collected for recycling as an Anything Book. That also includes items and scraps left over from my multimedia studio. Persica starts off unique and gathers more personality as you add your treasured thoughts and memories inside.

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