Friday, January 11, 2013

Travilla Anything Book

Here's a great Anything Book for the logical, left-brained, and mathematical person. Travilla is an Anything Book made from a calculator box!

The Travilla Anything Book has a ring charm and a book belt.

The Travilla cover has a shiny plastic coating, so it was a bit tricky to photograph it without lots of glare. My apologies for this. It measures 5 3/4 wide by 7 3/4 tall and has a ring charm with an assortment of beads and an elephant charm.

An air mail envelope provides a space to hide treasures safely inside.

The larger and nearly square size of this Anything Book makes it great for a combination of journaling and scrapbooking (or smashing) your daily treasures. Many of the two-page spreads have layers, meaning that there are narrow pages in-between the full size pages. This give you more space for attaching things.

On the right is a page from a photo book layered over the full size page underneath.

Like all Anything Books, Travilla has 50 items inside, meaning you get 100 sides to hold your thoughts, inspiration, photographs, and items from your every day life. The green book belt holds the book closed, and keeps your treasures safe as it gets bulky. The ring binding also allows you to insert your own items. Simply remove a pag for a template, and use a standard hole punch to make holes.

A look into the variety of materials inside Travilla through the binding.

Travilla contains a wide variety of materials including patterned paper, solid paper, journaling (blank) pages, foreign language book page, file folder, luggage tag, playing card, shipping tag, and a library pocket. The pages are embellished with washi tape, baker's twine, recycled silk yarn (from Nepal), postage stamp, tabs and clips.

Patterned paper joins with a greeting card to create an interesting mix of materials to inspire you.

Travila would make a great smash-style journal. Let the pages and items be the background for capturing the story of your daily living. You might use a two-page spread for a week and attach items like your grocery list, a photo of you with your friends, the ticket stub from a movie, or a recipt from your dinner out. Your imagination is the limit. Travilla would hold a year's worth of memories.

The edges are lined with paper and ribbon tabs to help you move through Travilla and label sections.

Are you making a lifestyle change? It doesn't matter if you are stopping smoking, training for a marathon, losing weight, or going vegan. Travilla would make a great journal to record your thoughts and progress towards you goal. Be sure to add in photos to capture your progress along the way.

A page from an outdated San Francisco travel guide provides a beautiful background for your own items.
By adding in pages from books, like the San Francisco travel guide page above, each time your turn the page you discover a surprise. Why not add in new pages that tell the story of your life. With ring binding, it's easy to incorporate new pages. You can even upsize the book rings to 1 1/4 or 1 1/2 rings you can find in most office supply stores or the office supply area of discount stores. Travilla can grow with you!

On the left you an see a vellum page that lets you add some transparency to see through to the page below.
You can use the vellum page (seen here on the left) to hold a collection of stickers or stamps or anything else small. You can line up things on each side of the page so you can see through the gaps to the page below. The vellum gives you a fun page to experiment with your artistic flair.

A library pocket with a shipping tag has recycled silk yarn from Nepal.
Inside the library pocket you'll find a decorated shipping tag from my studio. You can use it hold wallet size photos, or other small items. Or perhaps you can write your favorite quote on it and use it like a book mark in Travilla or another book. There's plenty of room inside the library card to hold other items, too.

A postage stamp adds color and interest to a Travilla page.
Travilla has two journaling sections where you can collect more of your thoughts or inspirational quotes or stories from your daily living. Need more writing room? Add more journaling pages. Travilla can be anything you want it to be.

Like all Anything Books, Travilla has a unique identifier on the back along with its name and my signature.
I sign and date each Anything Book before it leaves my studio. I keep an inventory of the Anything Books using the unique identifier in the bar code label. My Anything Books are truly one-of-a-kind and unlike any other journal or scrapbook you will find.

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