Friday, January 18, 2013

Melody Anything Book

Meet Melody, a musical Anything Book straight from my studio. (see Melody in my Etsy shop)

My Melody Anything Book comes with ring fringe and a polka dot book belt.

Melody is sweet like the strawberry fruit bars that make up her cover. Recycled from a Dreyer's Fruit Bar box, Melody is filled with upcycled and recycled materials from front to back. You can use Melody as a journal, an art journal, a scrapbook, or anything else you can imagine.

Melody comes with book ring binding adorned with ring fringe.

 Made with book ring binding, Melody holds 50 items which means you have 100 pages to fill with your words, photos, everyday items, quotes, and other treasures. She has a snappy polka dot black and white book belt to hold her pages together and keep your memories safe.

The variety of materials inside Melody make this a special journal.

Each two-page spread is color coordinated to give you a beautiful backdrop for recording your memories. Melody has several pages made from sheet music, along with patterned paper, book pages, photographs, menus, greeting cards, marketing materials, product packaging, paint chips, envelopes, vellum and a shipping tag.

Small touches adorn many of Melody's pages. 

The pages have small embellishments to inspire you to fill them up. They include washi tape, page tabs and dividers, clips, postage stamps, baker's twine and labels. There are 4 separate journaling sections where you can focus on collecting your thoughts, stories, quotes, or anything else that you want to remember.

A page made from a map showcases the tabs lining other pages in this art journal.
Melody comes with an ultra-fine permanent marker and an archival quality gluestick so you can start adding your treasures right out of the shipping package. Most of the pages are full size, but a few are smaller so they overlay the other pages, adding depth and layers to your journal experience.

A paint chip adorned with baker's twine sits on top of a cardstock page ready to hold your treasures.
You can use Melody's pages to hold your treasures, but you can also insert new pages. Simply open the book rings, take out a page for a template, and use a standard hole punch. Then, insert your new page into Melody. If your journal starts to get too bulky, you can upsize the book rings for 1 1/4 or 1 1/2 inch rings available at most office supply stores and in the office supply section of most discount stores.

Melody's name comes from inside the journal and appears on the back cover.
Like all of my Anything Books, Melody's name is taken from a word inside the journal. On the back cover, you find her unique bar code identifier, her name, and my signature. Melody is a one-of-a-kind journal designed to inspire you to collect your life's treasures.

Won't you visit Melody in my Etsy store and check out my other Anything Books?

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