Friday, January 4, 2013

Mundane Anything Book

This Anything Book may be called "Mundane" but it's anything but boring! (my Etsy shop)

The Mundane Anything Book includes ring fringe on the center binding ring.
The Mundane Anything Book is made from an upcycled/recycled Chia pet box. This one, the Chia Cat, is bright green and red and is perfect for anyone who loves cats. It measures 8 inches wide by 7 1/4 inches tall and incorporates 50 items so you have 100 pages to fill.

This air mail envelope is waiting to hold your treasures.
Part journal and part scrapbook, an Anything Book can be anything you want. There are 4 journaling sections where you can write longer stories, collect quotes, or just express yourself. The other pages can hold your words along with items you glue, staple, or clip in. That means you can add the tiny items of your daily living along with photographs, ticket stubs, and shopping lists.

Found items like this boho glam photo add personality to Mundane.
Each Anything Book takes on the personality of the items inside it. Mundane starts off with attitude! Its contents run the range from the funky boho portrait seen above, to Louis C.K., to the Wizard of Oz, to Marilyn Monroe. Add to this the mix of patterns, textures, and the variety of materials, and Mundane rises to the extraordinary.

The layering of patterns and colors give Mundane a unique feel.
The pages of Mundane will inspire you to express your personality on its pages. Think of them as a colorful backdrop for your own ideas, words, and snippets of your life experience. Layer on your own content like a deluxe pizza ingredients over a perfect crust and you get Mundane.

Small touches like vellum, washi tape and baker's twine add elegance to Mundane's pages.
It's all about the layering. Patterns on textures, contrasting colors side by side, and unepected touches like baker's twine and washi tape add to the viseral experience of Mundane. The visual interest never ends. Turning each page is a voyage of discovery.

The variety of items on every page will inspire your creativity.
Mundane incorporates a wide range of materials including patterned paper, cardstock, book pages, menus, greeting cards, product packaging, paint chips, evelopes, photographs, file folders, vellum, sheet music, a library pocket and a magazine cover.

A variety of tabs let you label sections and quickly find your treasures and memories.
The beauty of Mundane is the ring binding. This allows the book to expand as you add your own items to pages. You can also insert your own pages by simply removing a page to use as a template with a standard hole punch. Also, if you Mundane starts to get too bulky, you can upsize the rings to 1 1/4 or 1 1/2 inch rings available in most office supply stores or the office supply section of your favorite discount store.

A postage stamp from Mongolia sits over a strip of sheet music.

Mundane would make a great gift for someone special in your life. But it would also make a great gift for yourself. With 50 items where you can write and attach things, there's room for many, many treasured memories.

Mundane is signed by me and dated.
Like all Anything Books, Mundane is a unique book that gives you a one-of-a-kind canvas to record your life, your memories, and keep your treasures. It has its name on the back, along wtih my signature and its bar code identifier. No two Anything Books get the same bar code identifier. It's just one way they are each special.

Check out Mundane in my Etsy shop and see my other Anything Books.

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