Friday, March 20, 2009

Trust Your Crazy Ideas...


If you landed here, it might be because you found a piece of art with this web address on it. Welcome.

I created these pieces of art to inspire you in your daily life. We all have "crazy ideas" in our heads, things that urge us to experiment, to take chances, and to follow our hearts.

I want to encourage everyone to listen to your heart and follow its advice. Your heart knows you and what you want. Whom better to give you advice than your own heart?

If you found a piece of art, would you add a comment to this blog post? Please tell me the art number (#29xxx) and where you found it. I would love if you felt comfortable to share your "crazy idea" here with the rest of us, too.

I'm going to keep updating this blog post with information about the unfolding of my public art project. So keep checking back to see what others have found and their own crazy ideas.

Godspeed in your journey,

Crazy Ideas Public Art Project
  1. Art pieces #29001 through #29010 distributed in Phoenix, Arizona starting Friday, March 20, 2009.
  2. Art pieces #29011 through #29012 distributed in Phoenix, Arizona starting Friday, March 27, 2009 [see art image]
  3. Art pieces #29013 through #29022 distributed in Seattle, Washington starting Sunday, March 29, 2009. [see art image]
  4. Art pieces #29023 through #29032 distributed in Phoenix, Arizona starting Friday, April 10, 2009. [see art image]


Jenn Daniels said...

#29001 - Found at Liberty Market in Gilbert, AZ
I should trust myself more often and listen to what my heart tells me. I have a tendency to second-guess (and third and fourth guess) the decisions that I make; always wondering if there isn't a better option that I'm missing out on. But as a good friend told me, life is about the here and now - not the ifs and could bes. So I've taken a leap of faith and allowed myself to travel far, far outside my comfort zone. And I've learned that it's a pretty good place to be when you put your whole heart in it.

Nick said...

I didn't find any art at Liberty Market but I do think this is a cool idea! :-)

jmchood said...


Because I only get to play this game one time, I find myself chasing after some kind of crazy idea about 99.9% of the time.

Because I worry that if I am not chasing after something completely crazy...

I will be dead.

And the fun thing is that I often find myself in the middle of other people who are chasing after their own crazy ideas -- which I can empathize with.

Because like attracts like.

So if you have an idea...

And it is crazy...

Get busy chasing it.

Or you may have just relegated yourself to accept that you have managed to get busy dying.

Anonymous said...

#29015 Found in Seattle.

My crazy idea is that I can create a company that values work-life balance. I truly believe that people can be more productive and creative during 20 hours of devoted work than 40+ hours while distracted. I envision employees that have families, hobbies or volunteer work that are very important to them, but they would still be passionate enough about their job to devote their full attention to it for the amount of time they commit to. I believe this would create a very strong, loyal and creative business.

[Charlene] said...

Anonymous in Seattle: Thanks for sharing your "crazy idea" here with us. I think you are brilliant, and I wish you all of the best getting your company launched and running. I'm sure you will have very happy employees.

crimsoncat05 said...

this is SUCH a cool idea!!! I like seeing that people are actually letting you know they've found your artwork; it's a concrete representation of our "connectedness" in the world, if you know what I mean.

and I also wish Anonymous in Seattle the best of luck with your new business idea... I would love to work for such a company!!