Friday, April 10, 2009

More Crazy Ideas

I'm having a lot of fun leaving these art pieces the places I visit. I've gotten used to having a collection of them in my bag, and when I run out, I feel compelled to return to the studio to make more.

I'm experimenting with different color palates and designs, still keeping the "trust your crazy ideas..." stamp as the common element.

This round, I'm adding a collage element. I pulled out some British stamps and I'm adding them on the front. I'm considering switching from the Distress Inks to acrylic paint that I'll brayer on for an uneven application. I almost did that this time, but I didn't feel I had enough time to experiment with the design for that today.

I'm going to take them out with me tonight! So watch out, Phoenix, you might find a piece of art tonight where you least expect it.

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