Friday, June 13, 2008

Hang Time

My life has been consumed lately by my work, and now by my need to rest between big deadlines. I don't really have the time to rest, but my entire being seems to mutiny every time I even think about walking into the office. Yesterday, I realized that I have to give into this, and I ended up playing hookey most of the day. I had so much fun and felt so much better that I've decided to do the same thing again today.

Part of making art is being aware of my life. I have nothing deep to offer my art right now. Art without depth is not what my heart craves. I need my art to express the deepest parts of me, to share things that mean something to me, to offer a glimpse of my soul. To express what my words can't reach in a way words can't express.

I love this quote from William Blake. It tells me that hindsight understands my life with clarity, the moments that are confusing and misty in the present moment will later have form and make sense. That gives me comfort as I move through the misty world, dreaming dreams of my future and myself.

Life's cycles can be explained as breathing. There is a time for expansion, a time for growth and expression and creativity. But it follows a time of contraction, of instrospection and solitude and just hanging with what is. That's where I am now. Just hanging with myself until I'm rested and ready to begin all over again.

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