Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fabulous Summer Whites Class Project

I had the best time yesterday in Carol Wingert's class at Scrapbooks, Etc. We made her Summer White book, the same book as her kit this month. Lots of painting, texture painting on the covers, glassine to cover photos, and stamping on fabric. I didn't get the project finished in class, and I've added to my unfinished project list. I'm going to make it for my mom for her birthday in September. I just printed out some old family photos in black and white and sent them to my neighborhood Walgreens. I'll pick them up later today and add them to the kit package for later.

My favorite new material: glass glitter! I haven't used much glitter in my paperarts projects until now. I love sparkle, but I haven't been a fan of the usual craft glitter. Now that I've seen this glass glitter, I'm hooked. In fact, I bought some turquoise before I left the store. I'm going to buy some small (1/2 oz) salt shakers to hold glitter, and I'm going to start collecting all of my favorite colors. It's so amazing, the sparkle is bright and vibrant. I can't wait to start using it.

I also printed out some pictures that I'm going to use on a family project. I'm going to make a folded star accordian book, the one that looks like a square when it is folded up, but opens to be a flat almost star shaped book. I'm going to use an assortment of Christmas pictures and make a sort of photo collage of Christmases past to take home around the holidays. I also selected 60 photos of formal Christmas portraits (I take them of the family every year) and a lot of great candids contributed by lots of family members. I will use some two-sided Christmas cardstock as the base, and I'm sure I'll be adding glass glitter somewhere in it.

On Sunday, I'm going with Melissa to meet some of her friends and work on our projects. I'm working on the project for my friend's son's 18th birthday. Let's see, let's call this project "Guitar Hero" since he plays and I've got pics of him playing. I'm building the base of the project today, and I'll take the photos and start building the layout tomorrow. I picked up some adhesive foam yesterday because I want to be able to temporarily position things for this project. I want to build in hidden journaling locations and some pull-outs, and I want to do some background painting and stamping. I need to map out the photo locations before I start building the depth and adding the ornamentation. I hope this foam works well!

I should have some in-process pictures of Guitar Hero in a few days. I have finally opened my new camera, the battery is charging today and I'm heading out to buy a huge (4GB) memory card this afternoon. I should be in business by dinner and taking my first pictures it.

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