Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happily Organizing

When I pulled together my studio, I knew a fine tuning (or two) would be needed. After I finished the Punk'd mini book, my workspace was a mess. I tried to pick it up, but everything I picked up ended right back on the table. There isn't a place yet to put things away!

About 10 days ago, I ordered a few organizing supplies from I already had a few of the Cropper Hopper embellishment boxes, and they seem to work for me. I ordered a few more, and a drawer to hold them. They came last week, and I spent some time filling them up from items tossed into the bins in the bookcase cubicles. When I ran out of boxes, I tried to estimate how many more I might need. And then I realized that the drawers were perfect for holding most of my ribbon spools! Needless to say, I put in another order last week, and they should be here by the weekend.

I'm sure it sounds strange, but I can't explain the happiness I feel when I'm working in the studio organizing the bits and pieces. I'm also struck with the contrast between having things in labeled little boxes and neatly available in cubbies compared to the years they spent in tubs I would push into the closet when I finished a project, totally haphazard.

I like organized much better. It frees my mind for creative ideas.

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