Sunday, April 28, 2013

Meet The Cosmic Anything Book

It seems like I'm doing a lot of Anything Books for donations these day. I'm happy to contribute what I can to help worthwhile causes. I made Cosmic for another great cause.
The Cosmic Anything Book is made from a Dreyer's Fruit Bars box.
My friend, Kim, has a boat-load of medical bills from her son's appendectomy a few months back. She's negotiated down the bills to a nearly managable amount. And the clever gal that she is, she's having a fundraiser to help pay them off.
The view from the top shows the wide range of materials, colors and patterns inside.
I'm a firm believer in helping the people in your life when you can. This is my way to help my friend get from where she is to where she wants to be.
I love the way the previous page and the paint chip pulls out the blue of this patterned paper.
A couple months back, I selected a charity for Laughing Crow Studio. I'm not ready to announce this, but I mention it today to let you know that I'm always looking for a way to give back. The charity I selected would let me help strangers in my Phoenix community. While I'm all for anonymous giving, I love that I'm getting a chance to help someone I know.
The different page sizes allow some pages to overlay others as you turn the pages.
Last week, I found a new resource that I put to use in this Anything Book. I found a book that has hundreds of photos of The Beatles throughout their career. This is the first time I've used these photographs, and it gives me a small thrill to include something I love so much into a book for someone else.
An example of layered pages inside Cosmic.
I also just received a huge package of used international stamps that I've used for the first time in Cosmic. I love the look of stamps and think they are some of the most beautiful things in our lives that we fail to appreciate. I know that the artists who get these commissions are always thrilled to have a stamp in their portfolio.
Paint chips and business cards are some of my favorite materials for my Anything Books.
As I move throughout the Phoenix metro area, I'm always picking up business cards. Many of them make their way into my Anything Books. I love the way they layer over pages and add a pop of color where ever they appear.
This is my favorite page inside the Cosmic Anything Book.
Every time I make an Anything Book, I keep adding to it until it feels finished. As an artist, it's hard to decide that something is done. I can always see new things I can do, small adjustments I can make. But I've found a way to tell when I'm done. I flip through the pages, and at some point, the book feels full. That's how I know. I can't explain that feeling any more than that.
Here's another peek at The Beatles page with a layer over the photograph.
In my spare time, I've drafted a blueprint for how I'm going to construct a light box so I can take better pictures of my Anything Books. I'm really excited about it, and I'm going to start collecting the materials next week. I'm not sure when it will be finished. It seems like everything in my business is a journey of discovery. I'm sure the lightbox will be exactly the same.
Cosmic is dated and signed by me and ready to find a new home.
Thanks for checking out Cosmic with me today. I love this little book, and I am sending it off to meet its owner. I want it to land with someone who will be inspired by it and will use it as a canvas to think about and report his or her life in a new way. Here's to many happy tomorrows for Cosmic's new owner!

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