Monday, April 22, 2013

Finish Gelpacs Hybrid Anything Book Art Journal

Earth day is the perfect time to announce my latest Anything Book, Hybrid, filled with Earth-friendly messages and materials.

My Hybrid Anything Book comes with a ring charm featuring glass beads and an angel.
Hybrid is green all the way through, and I don't mean the color. Although there are plenty of green pages inside, the important thing about Hybrid is that it is made from upcycled and recycled materials. Some of these materials even talk about the environmental policy of various companies!

Hybrid gives you have plenty of room to add your own thoughts and materials to its pages.
Have you been looking for the perfect space where you can think and reflect on your daily life? Hybrid is perfect for you! It measures almost 6.5 inches square, which gives you plenty of room inside to write your daily revelations, list your mundane activities, and glue in memorabilia that helps you record your personal life journey. All while saving the environment.

Inside Hybrid is a mix of materials that will inspire you.
I make my Anything Books using as much recycled materials as possible. That includes scraps from my mixed media studio, along with items I find in my daily living. Much of my junk mail appears as treasures inside my Anything Books. Hybrid contains pages from old books, product packaging, paint chips, and business reply envelopes.

You can see the wide range of materials that came together to make Hybrid.
Hybrid is bound with book rings, which means that it will easily expand as you add materials inside. You can also add your own pages simply by using a standard hole punch. If you find that you need even more room, you can replace the book rings with larger ones (1 1/4 or 1 1/2) that you can find in the office supply section of most discount stores.
Each two-page spread is designed to delight you and provide visual inspiration.
The Hybrid Anything book provides a wonderful backdrop to inspire your writing. It's waiting for your thoughts and ideas, but it's blank. On the days with where your muse is nowhere to be found, the mixture of materials, patterns, and colors will make you smile even before you add your own insights, bits of wisdom, and precious memories.
Hybrid is a one-of-a-kind art journal that is waiting for your thoughts, dreams, and bits of everyday living.
Hybrid contains full size pages made from upcycled and recycled materials like patterned paper, cardstock, book pages, greeting cards, and marketing materials. Many of these pages have overlays made from product packaging, business reply cards, file folders, luggage tags, and shipping tags. You can use both sides of these items for your life.
Many of Hybrid's pages are embellished with washi tape and postage stamps.
The edges of Hybrid are messy with things poking out. But life is messy. Go ahead and add that brochure that doesn't quite fit. Oversized items are okay. Your life doesn't fit nicely into a box, and so it doesn't need to fit nicely into Hybrid. Hybrid can adapt and adjust to whatever life throws at you.
Hybrid is large enough to hold photographs and small enough to tuck into your purse or backpack.
Some of Hybrid's pages are simply beautiful empty. As you turn the pages, you will discover sights designed to delight your eyes and heart. And yet, Hybrid is here to do your bidding. Let the bits of beauty poke out between the items that mean something in your life. Hybrid is a canvas where you can tell the story of your life in spoonsized bits.
Hybrid is designed to hold your treasures on it's pages.
You can use Hybrid as a standard journal by writing on the pages, or even gluing in pages you have typed on the computer or written by hand. Hybrid can also hold the small treasures of your daily life. What about adding the tea bag label from your afternoon cup? Or a movie ticket stub? Or the label from that awesome jacket you just purchased? Or the photo (or Instagram) you just took with your bestie?
Hybrid comes with a pen and glue stick so you can start recording your life out of the package.
When you open Hybrid, you'll see that it comes with an ultra-fine permanent marker which is perfect for writing on most of the interior pages. You also get an archive quality glue stick so you can attach the bits of your life with confidence. You can use Hybrid so many ways! You are only limited by your imagination.

What will you create with Hybrid?

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