Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Blink Photos

Many people are posting pictures of their homes based on the idea in Blink (by Malcolm Gladwell) that you can learn a great deal about people by spending a few minutes in their home. You get to see the real person this way, not the image they present. Catherine encouraged me to participate in this, and here it is.

For full disclosure, I did straighten up my desk, my studio had been a total wreck so I did unearth the worktable (mostly), I straightened up the kitchen counter (things are in the sink now), and I picked up a few things in the bedroom. But mostly, this is how I live and not staged. I didn't dust or vacuum or move things around. My financial filing is still on the family room floor. I didn't take some shots that would have shown you the backlog of shredding or the guest bath which needs picking up. I did start using a housekeeper every other week about a month ago, and that really helps me to keep things tidy. End of disclosure.

What can you learn about me from this? I must say, when I looked at this pictures, I saw some trends that jumped out, things I didn't realize were so obvious in my house. Yikes.

I'm posting these and a few more pictures on my Flickr account in a few days, along with some narrative. I'll point out some of the details there that I think reveal tons about me.


HappyDayArt! said...

All I can say is it's beautiful in there. Nice colors, pretty things on the wall and neat as a pin. Organized and feels comfortable. Sorry it is late and I don't see the things you know are there. You will have to explain them later like you said.

Kristi said...

I like the colors, and all the plants. How do you keep your kitty out of the plants? Mine are on them like drugs, and so right now there are none indoors.
This seems like another one of those changes you mentioned--posting pictures of your home for people, some of whom you've never met, to browse through at their liesure. But it makes sense as another way for your online friends to get to know you. I enjoyed seeing these.

Lunasoul said...

Looks like you have a lot of yang in your plants (spiky, pointed leaves). Love the bed. Agree with the colors. Cool, desert yumminess.

M said...

If only I were so brave!!!! LOL... I'll have to think about trying this. I'm going to look for the book.


Lunasoul said...

Your kitty appears camera-shy, always got its head turned.

Cynthia said...

At first I though, hmm, she loves red, but then I spotted the blue - love the colours; and love your house (or is it an apartment?). It has inspired me to unpack and finally move in!!

Quick question, where did you get the lovely lamp next to the TV, the blue one with crystals......I have to have it, won't be able to sleep until I get it!!! Share!

Brenda Pinnick said...

your home is wonderful! Good for you for being brave and showing the world. now I feel like I know you.
I may follow suit, but I need a few days to prepare! LOL.