Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Slowing Down Time

I realize that I haven't posted in a while. My day job has kept me plenty busy over the last couple of weeks. But that is only part of the reason why I haven't posted.

I realized this weekend that I'm doing my best to hold a space for painting the images I wrote about last time. It's almost like I'm afraid that if I put any energy into anything else art related, I'll whiz past the painting energy and it will be lost.

I have seen this kind of thing happen with writing projects. There is a point early in the idea phase where the urge to write is strong. I've learned how to sort of dam up that energy and not do things that will dilute it. I've found the energy gets diluted by too much note taking and research, and by talking about the idea. I can't blog about the idea, I have to write it directly.

I realized that not blogging about anything new and not blogging any more about the images were a way to dam up the energy until I have the time to return to the studio. It's my way to hold that idea, that image, and suspend it in time until I'm ready to address it.

My day job has me scheduled very tightly over the next few weeks and months, and then I have a gap where nothing is scheduled (yet). Do I really think it's going to be a long time until I make the space to paint? Part of the challenge is that I don't have the materials I want to make the image I see in my head. I'm concerned about diluting the energy by rendering it in another medium. Perhaps this is exactly where keeping an art journal would serve me well. I could sketch the images in any medium available, and record it for later, when I might return to it. Either way, I would capture what is on my mind while it is fresh. That sounds like a smarter strategy than trying to slow down time and dam up the energy until I gather my resources and take the time to paint.

I'm always surprised by the path of the journey. I suppose I'll read this entry in a few years and smile to myself about how much I have learned since this moment. How great that I'm keeping notes on my inner journey for later review.

Now, about that art journal...


Heartinmyhand said...

I'm not very good at keeping a journal, but I do write ideas down.The older I get I find the need to have everything written down. Of course it would make more sense to keep that all in book rather than bits and pieces of scrap paper everywhere. You just my have inspired me to start a journal.

M said...

I've been blogging more than journaling even though I carry my journal everywhere. I've been asking myself if I'm more comfortable blogging that I don't need to journal... I couldn't give up my journal but haven't had enough quiet time for my thoughts to flow.That time is coming up Sunday when our principal won't let anyone go in to work so we're rested for Monday when the kiddies return.

I am looking forward to seeing my students, it's the paper work and beauracracy of teaching that saps a lot of energy.

About painting-I use some of the same imagery over and over again until I get it out of my system.
One suggestion that came up at AU for some that are swamped with work was working small and on multiple projects.

I wan the scoop on Carole's class. i forgot to cal the store and reserve a torso. Any left?