Friday, August 1, 2008

Me, A Painter?

Ever since Santa Fe, I've had an image in my head that haunts me. Actually, it is two images, the same scene from two different points of view. And after days of denying it, I'm now sure that I need to capture this image in art. I see the finished products in my head as well. And they are PAINTED! But I'm not a painter. Sure, I can paint backgrounds for other artwork, but actually paint an image? I've never done it before with any level of success.

I realize that the only thing standing between me and my painter inner being is this limiting idea that I'm not a painter. So I embrace this challenge, and will honor this haunting image by capturing it to the best of my ability.

Is anyone else excited about the rubber stamp show in Mesa, Arizona next week? I love seeing what everyone has to offer, and spend a great deal of time at the Magenta booth drooling over the images. I was out of town for the show in March, so I'm especially excited because it has been a whole year!

I'm making slow progress on my Santa Fe trip photos on Flickr.


M said...

Go forth and paint! What a great trip to NM.


[Charlene] said...

Thanks, Marissa. I knew you would support me in a new artistic expression.

Paris Cowgirl said...

Well, I had no idea you had a blog. Found you through your comment on Marissas! Enjoyed reading it. And, I say YES, paint!

M said...

You would have had a blast in the Anne Grgich class I was in at Art Unraveled today. We painted portraits. Not my thing so I had to push myself which was great.If you can, join us!

MagiCatGlass=^..^= said...

I painted an oil painting in high school. While the painting came out ok (I still have it) it took so much out of me that I didn't think I'd ever paint in oils again.
A neighbor of my mother had a stoke, she was an oil painter and was going to toss all her paints and brushes in the trash, but my mother said she'd give them to me.
I rolled my eyes when I first saw the goods, but I was poor and Maggie gave me an easel.
I am so greatful for those gifts. Working with oils taught me a whole new way to see and relate to color. It opened my eyes and heart and soul to color. I'm still not a good oil painter but I am looking forward to getting a bigger studio so I can set up easels again. One of the things I also like about oils is that there is no instant gratification... you have to wait for oil to dry before you go to the next step. I also like that about the fused glass. It's not done in one firing for me... I seek depth and that requires multiple kiln visits.
Have fun painting.

Mare said...

Anyone and everyone can paint that has the courage to let the painter inside themselves out. The trouble comes when you try to paint like someone else. Just paint what you see and feel. When i was in High School, my art teacher used to tell me that if i was that hell bent on "reproducing" things exactly as they are, then i should take a photography course! And you know, he was right! Don't worry about painting the tree...paint how the tree makes you feel. I went to the Grandma Moses museum in Vt. last Fall. There was a taped interview playing. She told the interviewer that in her opinion, it was best NOT to take a class on painting, as the teacher usually taught you how to paint HIS way. She said it was best to just go ahead and paint things exactly how you see them, for yourself and nobody else. Then there is no pressure, just pleasure...