Tuesday, April 9, 2013

First+Aid Adore Anything Book Journal

Adore is the perfect size Anything Book for someone who is just starting their first art journal or scrapbook. Or, it would make a great second journal for someone to carry around to record daily living.

Adore is made from a First+Aid bandage box and easily fits into a purse or backpack.
At just 5 3/4 inches wide by 4 inches tall, Adore is small enough to carry with you throughout the day. Inside, you will find 42 items that give you 84 pages (sides) you can use to record your thoughts or add in treasures from your day.
Adore uses ring binding to adjust as you add items inside.
Adore uses book ring binding to hold your treasures. This means that you can insert your own pages to customize Adore. Simply remove a page as a template and use a standard hole punch to add your own items like letters, enveloped, product packaging, photographs, or restaurant menus. Your imagination is the limit!
Adore's pages provide a canvas for recording your life and your thoughts.
Inside Adore, you will find a wide mix of materials, colors, and patterns selected and assembled to inspire you. Most of the materials are recycled and upcycled, which means they have been saved from the landfill and reused to create this beautiful journal.
Use the pages of Adore as a scrapbook to glue in items, or write on them to keep your thoughts.
Each two-pages spread works together as a backdrop for your treasures and thoughts. Just turning the pages is a voyage of discovery. You can incorporate these elements into your finished page, or simply cover them up with your items. It's all up to you.
The edges of many pages contain tabs so you can label sections or special pages.
Adore contains a great mix of recycled and upcycled materials including patterned paper, cardstock, marketing materials, product packaging, paint chips, business reply cards, guest checks, a magazine cover, and file folder. These items are assembled into a beautiful collage of patterns and colors to create each page.
Behind Adore you can see the ring fringe, ribbon and yarns that decorate the top binding ring.
Adore contains a library card pocket where you can stash smaller items that you don't want to glue to the pages. The pocket comes with a shipping tag just waiting foryou to add your photos, ticket stubs or other memorabilia.
Small embellishments create spaces where you can record special events or items.
Many types of small items appear to embellish the Adore pages, including washi tape, tabs, clips, postant stamps, ribbons, and product tags. These small treasures inspire you to add your personal touches to Adore.
You can add small items that capture your interests and express your personality in Adore.
Like all Anything Books, Adore's name comes from an item you will find inside it. The name appears on the back cover along with a unique barcode identifier. No two Anything Books are alike, and each one has a unique name and identifier.
Adore is identified and signed by me before leaving my studio for your home.
Adore would make a lovely gift for anyone in your life who appreciates the small details of life. You can use Adore as a journal, as a scrapbook, a travel journal, a weight loss journal, a baby or pregnancy journal... the uses are limited only by your imagination!

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