Friday, February 1, 2013

Lyceum Anything Book

Lyceum is an Anything Book made from a recycled Cheez-It box. (see in my Etsy shop)

Lyceum is an Anything Book created from a recycled Cheez-It box.
Here are some additional pictures of Lyceum.

Lyceum has ring fring made from beads and a semi-precious stone.

The right page is a printed vellum page on top of a white page.

A page from a beauty pagent book adds some charms and a crown to Lyceum.

The layer of materials make the pages visually interesting.

A patterned paper page adorned with a business card, washi tape, and a jewelry tag.
A close-up of the business card attached to the page with patterned washi tape.
A decorated shipping tag from my studio slips into the orange library pocket with other treasures.

This foreign language book page was sprayed with blue ink leaving the bird image.

Sheet music adorns a cardstock page and contrasts with the patterned paper tabs.

A postage stamp attached to the back of a paint chip strip overlays a decorated page.
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