Thursday, November 6, 2008

Project: Photo Accordion Book

Tonight, I gave a gift book to a very dear new friend. I decided over the weekend that I would make a small book for her. So I spent some time going through her Flickr archive looking for a photo I could use for the cover. It turned out, she has quite a collection of photos out there, and so I decided to print several pictures for her book.

Note: I was able to do this because my friend had not copyright protected her images on Flickr. If she had protected them, I would have needed her permission to use them, even in a gift for her. I would have taken that step, even though it would have removed most of the surprise of the gift.

I decided to use an accordion book. I assembled the book so it opens from both the bottom and the top. Before assembling the book, I decided that I would leave the book mostly blank for her to put in her pictures. Because she would be adding photos, I needed an artistic design for the inner pages that I could do, rather than embellishments added on top of photos. I decided to use Glimmer Mist and a Heidi Swap mask. Using three colors (Patina, Robin's Egg Blue, and Key Lime Green), I misted the backgrounds on both sides. I used papertowels to cover up pages that I didn't want to mist in each section. I made some more green and some more blue, mostly by the color I put on the top.

While the inner pages dried, I covered the covers with Bo Bunny striped paper, and then assembled the front decorations. I did a dry layout and used my digital camera to snap the planned layout for later. I went through my stash, and used some elephant stamps, a small compass, the word "journey," and a lot of flowers. I used a Tim Holtz ATC stamp to add some interest to the Bazzill library pocket. I used Peeled Paint distress ink to stamp the library pocket, and a series of green cateye chalks to distress the edges of things on the cover.

Next, I assembled the book, using a UHU glue stick to assemble the pages to the covers. I closed the book, and put it under something heavy in my office for an hour to make sure it was solid before moving forward. I added a few photos to the interior before I assembled the front cover. After the cover was finished, I went through and added tabs to many of the interior pages. As a last step, I used a small photo folder and attached it in the middle from the top, and inserted the remaining photos in it.

When I was finished, about an hour later (not counting drying time), I had a lovely gift I was proud to give. Total cost was under $10. My friend can use a Sharpie or a pigment ink pen to write captions on and around her photos after she assembled the whole album.

More pictures available on Flickr.
Project code: 280011


Brenda Pinnick said...

fabulous! I'm sure your friend was thrilled with her gift!

African Kelli said...

I was more than thrilled; this is one of the most thoughtful things anyone has EVER done for me. It is nothing short of incredible.
I'd love to learn how to put together a book like this. I would really like to make three -- one for each grandma for Christmas.
Thank you again Charlene!!

[Charlene] said...

I'm more than happy to share my studio and my secrets with you, Kelli. Let's schedule a time!

Alisha said...

I dropped by from Kelli's page to see the beautiful gift she received. It truly is beautiful! I love your photography and have enjoyed looking around.

Diane said...

I came from Kelli's blog to see the book your made for her. Wonderful! What a thougthful and creative gift. Diane

Colleen said...

Wow - just popped over from Kelli's blog. This is just an amazing gift. I know she loves it. You are so talented and very thoughtful : )

grace said...

very cool

[Charlene] said...

Thanks to all of Kelli's friends for stopping by and leaving such nice comments. I had blast making it and her photos are amazing.

michelle of bleeding espresso said...

That is truly amazing, as is Kelli, and as are you as evidenced by this thoughtful gift :)