Monday, July 21, 2008

Santa Fe Destination Forms

I've finished the Santa Fe Travel Journal and it is ready to hit the road with me. Yesterday, I printed out the destination forms, one each for places to eat, museums/parks, and shopping spots. I spent some quality time pouring over my new travel guide to select the possible destinations, filled out the appropriate form, and add the location to my GPS favorites. From that standpoint, I'm ready to leave!

One thing that surprised me was the number of forms I needed. To start out, I printed 10 of each form. I'm only going to have three days in Santa Fe, so I thought that would be more than enough. I ended up printing more of each form! I realized that I was filling out forms for all of the possibilities, the places I would like to see, and not just the ones I've decided to see. That rather fits my personality. I like the idea of having a pool of places to choose from, and will make my choices depending on my mood, the distance to the place, and how my trip is going. For example, on the third day, if I have eaten nothing but excellent Mexican/southwestern cuisine, I might be more in the mood for the cute French bistro.

As a result, I ended up using all of the envelopes that make up the honeycomb for the forms. I have one for each type of destination, and one with the remaining blank forms that I can use for places I discover en route. I'm taking my red Sharpie along. The red stands out nicely from the paper and matches the journal. I might even pick up another one to stash in the glove box, just in case.

I had planned to distress the edges and bind them with a book ring. But once I saw the quantity of forms, I decided not to distress and realized that having so many book rings would add bulk. The forms fit perfectly into the envelopes. They are filed away safely, and they will be easy to go through, also.

I found a few tweaks to make to the forms as I started filling them out. I didn't take the time to make them now, but will make all of my improvements when I get back. I'm sure I will have more ideas after I've filled them out completely.

I'm very excited. Not only do I have this cute travel journal for the trip, but the forms help me to feel very prepared to cherry pick the best destinations while I wander. And I'll have a record of the shop names and addresses, the meals I ate, and the sights to use on my next trip or to share with people who ask me for a recommendation.

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Heartinmyhand said...

Sounds like you are ready to go. Have a great time