Thursday, May 1, 2008

Welcome to my Studio

I'm a long time blogger, but this entry is a big deal for me. This is the first entry in my art blog. I realized last night that the renewed focus on my art in my life is taking me places I didn't expect. One of those places is here. I realized that I need an art journal, a place where I can write about my art, keep notes about what I'm learning, and review my progress. I love the idea of a handwritten journal, but I'm a realist. If I can type, I can get more said quickly, and the easier it is to write, the more successful my journal will be. So here I sit at Blogger, home to my 6 other blogs, starting a new one.

I don't know if anyone will find this blog. I don't even know if I want anyone to find this blog. I'm really writing this just for myself.

Since January, I've coverted my junk room into a studio. Inspired by photos of someone else's studio last November, I created a wonderful workspace for myself. Just clearing out the junk (which resulted in a garage sale in April) gave me such a lift that I felt inspired to begin work. I've done a rough sort of my supplies, with most of them in cubbies in the room, and some of the larger supplies in the newly painted and organized closet. I still want to build in shelves to give me more closet organization. I removed the closet sliding doors and replaced them with curtains to match the window curtains with grommet tops so they slide open so easily. I love sitting in there working.

Since January, I've taken several art classes, and I'm currently scheduled for two more in May. I don't find classes on interesting techniques or projects very often, but when I find a teacher who has something for me, I don't hesitate to sign up.

I've got a whole slew of potential projects that I'm itching to get started. Just last night, I sent a round of pictures to Walgreens that will make up a project. I've got photos already printed for at least two more. I'm so excited. I need this journal to give myself a place to keep track of my projects, review my results, and critique my efforts.

In future posts, I want to cover the following: each art class I've taken, my project list, my finished projects, progress in creating a working studio, how my life is changing from exploring art again, and my efforts to begin supporting myself through my art.

If you are reading this, I promise that you will find my honest opinions here, not something I'm saying because I think I have an audience. I'll let you see what is going on inside my heart and head as I begin this new phase of my art journey. It might be raw and rough, but it will always be real.

In the few minutes I have been typing this, I have again that sense of profound awareness that I had last night when I realized I must start a blog. The reality of my journey is so solid and so real since I've started writing. I am a person who responds to journaling. I'm having a journaling response now. By starting this blog, I've changed the course of my journey, I can feel that. Just like I changed my life when I cleared out the junk room, when I created the studio, and when I started signing up for classes.

Art is back, baby. Big time.

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crimsoncat05 said...

thanks for visiting my blog! Congrats on taking hold of your creative life... very profound post about how one's interests change- I have found that happening to myself, also. I'll be back to check out your future projects!