Friday, May 2, 2008

Project: Words To Live By (coaster book)

Last Saturday, I attended two classes by Kim Kwan at Devine Memories and had a blast. Kim is the kind of teacher that creates a safe environment to play and explore, and her kits (from her recent trip to France) were fabulous. It was such a good time!

Kim's morning class was a kit she called "Grant Me A Wish" based on a Maya Road scallop coaster book. I changed my theme slightly to "Words to Live By" and included a picture and a single word on each page. I made it to remind me to continue to make the decisions in the small moments of life to be the kind of person I want to be.

It was my first time using semi-opaque pages, so I had some fun experimenting with double sided papers and layouts that showed items from the back side of each page. It was also my first time using Diamond Glaze, and I found it to be a bit runny. I got it on my fingers and it squirted out from under the pictures, so I have a bit of mess on the pages. The goal was to get it spread thick enough that it was shiny on the opposite side. I only did a fair job reaching that goal. I used a foam brush, but perhaps next time I'll use a small paint or watercolor brush instead. Also, I'll pull out some clamps to hold it so I won't have glue on my fingers. Lots of good experience with new tools and techniques.

But the real problem is that in the days since the class, some of the content has popped right off the plastic! The page content is stuck together (I used a glue stick to hold things to the background paper), but has come loose from the coaster. I think I'm going to see if I can pop any more off, and reglue all of them using a different glue, perhaps Ultimate this time. Any suggestions?

If anyone is interested, the swirl stamp (orange StazOn ink) is Flourish Haven from Rusty Pickle White Chocolate Bunnies. The papers are Sarong from Luxe, an unknown color Bazzill Basics, and the page title is on Speckletone Kraft I got from my local printer supply. The flower is from Floradoodles, and the yarn is a piece of recycled silk yarn from Tibet I found at an import shop.

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