Friday, May 9, 2008

Design and Production Notes

There are several projects on my work table. These are the ones that I'm currently working on.

Project 1: Wedding Gift

Several months ago, I saw a chipboard product that inspired this project. It was a picture frame that uses a clip to hold the glass (the picture goes behind the glass), and used a long screw as a leg. When I realized I wanted to make this, I went back to the store, but they had discontinued that item. I am not sure who made it. So I've come up with an idea based on that. I'm using an IKEA 10" mirror with a wooden frame. I'm not going to use the mirror, I'm putting the glass for the picture over the top of it. I found a clip (like a clip board clip) from 7gypsies. I'm going to attach it, decorate the background with papers, and perhaps add a red rose and French wire ribbon around the clip area.

This is for my sister's step-daughter's wedding, so I want to personalize it. The groom-to-be proposed by spelling out the big question inside of the Scrabble game, and she found it when they went to play. So I found some similar word tiles (had no luck finding Scrabble tiles!) and am going to spell out both his question and her answer. For delivery, I have a candid I snapped of them the last time sis came to town and the four of us went out to dinner. I'll leave a note to replace it with a wedding shot.

I've attached the background paper to the frame. I had a time deciding what adhesive to use! In the end, I went with gel medium, which did cause some ripples and bubbles in the paper when wet. I thought I was brilliant when I thought to use a sheet of wax paper and brayer over the wax paper to push down the paper. What I didn't expect: the brayer also pushed out the excess medium, which caused the wax paper to adhere to the background! I pulled it up carefully, but still managed to take off some of the paper in the process. Maybe if I had let it try and then pulled it away, or maybe if I had brayered less... or if I had dry fitted the paper better first. I'll have to work on that technique a bit. It left the background a bit distressed, which has changed the direction I had planned to go. I'm rethinking everything about the rest of the project now. I am thinking about using Stickles on top of the glass, or a flourish style stamp.

Project 2: Mother's Day

I just realized today that Mother's Day is this weekend. I somehow thought I had another week and that my gift would be on time. Thankfully, Mom is completely flexible about such things.

After Dad died, a wonderful orange tabby cat adopted my Mom. It had belonged to one of her grandchildren (my brother lives on the same block). He just moved right in, and after some initial resistance, Mom adopted him right back. It's been such a great thing in her life. The granddaughter named the cat Punkin, and we all call him Punky. He had a problem with one of his eyes, so soon after she adopted him, she took him to the vet and they removed the eye. He's a one-eyed cat who still climbs trees and chases squirrels.

Punky the one-eyed cat
The book is a collection of pictures of Punky around the house and the yard, doing some of the things that make her laugh. I'm going to call it PUNK'D. I decided to use a 4x4 format and wanted to use the same Maya Road scalloped coaster book as my Words to Live By project. But two different stores in my area didn't have it, so I picked up their 4x4 chipboard book instead. I spent yesterday reviewing all of my pictures, pictures from family member's cell phones, etc and cleaned them up, cropped them, and reduced them to 2x3 for that book size. They were printed at Walgreen's this morning.

I stopped today to pick up some papers for the project. My favorite picture of him (for the cover) is him laying in the grass, so I went with a green/green-blue paper scheme with orange accents. I have some ribbon in black and white that says "I love my cat" and some ribbons and yarns that will go with the colors as well.

This is the first project I'm going to work on, hopefully this weekend I'll find some free time.

Project 3: Gibraltar Travel Journal (continuation)

I have some blank spaces, so I went back through the photos and did some cropping so I have additional pictures to add. This project is nearly done.

I'm thinking about adding a copy of the article on Gibraltar from Wikipedia as a huge journalling block on one of the tags. I could print it out and fold it up accordion style. There is a lot of great info there, and it would make a nice reference.

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